The wonder of wool

Wool Year 2013

We feel that most of us hold wool in some affection. It has so many wonderful attributes - natural, warm, long lasting and tactile - and we can probably remember a woolly object from our childhood that we were fond of, like a blanket or jumper. In these eco-conscious times, wool's also hypoallergenic, sustainable and even safe; according to the Chief Fire Officer, it's twice as fire retardant as man-made equivalents. Even the name is comforting.

It follows logically that we should celebrate this very special product. Observing that the wool industry was facing enormous challenges including competition from man-made synthetic fibres, since 2008 His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has led an initiative to promote the use of wool. Through various activities and support from leading home and fashion companies, Wool Year aims to reignite our love affair with this eco-friendly, versatile, fashionable and durable textile.

As a leading supplier of wool and other specialist wool products such as mattresses, blankets, garments etc. of course we're taking part too; we've close relationships with those producers and so we're very keen to support them. Play your part in ensuring the longevity of this wonderful natural product by ordering from us and benefit from all the comforts and attributes our woollen products provide.